Wanaka Weddings

Wanaka Weddings with Aspiring National Park. Glacier landings, mountain heli-weddings, lake side weddings. The perfect wedding destination in New Zealand

Wanaka Lake Wedding

Eloping to Wanaka for your wedding. For this wedding package, we will get you married on the shore of Lake Wanaka, perfect for you private intimate ceremony.

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Wanaka Lookout Hill Wedding

Wanaka Weddings, New Zealand’s Romantic wedding location. Lookout Hill overs couples spectacular views of Lake Wanaka and the surrounding mountain ranges. Perfect for couples eloping to New Zealand for their destination wedding.

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Wanaka Mountain High Wedding

Wanaka Weddings – Wanaka Mountain High Weddings, ideal for couples looking for the perfect remote ceremony location

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Wanaka Hidden Waterfall Wedding

Wanaka Hidden Waterfall Wedding – eloping to New Zealand is easy – beautiful landing locations for your wedding ceremony or photo shoot.

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Mountain Elopement Wedding

Elope to New Zealand for this unique unforgettable wedding location. The Unique luxury amidst the serene beauty of the mountain peaks, glaciers, snowfields and alpine meadows, on the edge of a World heritage Area. WHARE KEA CHALET offers luxury accommodation and a spectacular base for the couple that is seeking the ultimate apline wedding adventure in an exclusive location high in the mountains o n the edge of Mt Aspiring National Park.

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Wanaka Mountain Peak Wedding

Glacier and Mt Aspiring as your wedding backdrop on this mountain top wedding package

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Isobel Glacier Wedding Wanaka

Isobel Glacier Wedding Wanaka, Year round snow landing with the Southern Alps as the background.

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Wanaka Station Wedding

Wanaka Wedding with views

The scenery at this wedding venue is like that which is only told in stories, blossomed by imagination. Luckily no imagination is needed for such serene beauty. property spreads out over 2,800 hectares and is organically certified. Surrounded by iconic lake and mountain landscapes, making it a unique setting ideal for your wedding. Just a short distance from the Wanaka township and the Queenstown international airport.

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Coromandel Peak, Wanaka Weddings

Coromandel Peak – Wanaka is a wedding location we have chosen due to the majestic views that will surround you.Accessible by helicopter this location gives you not only the intimacy but also adventure on your wedding day.

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